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Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordability is one of our primary concerns when it comes to our hearing aid practice. We never want to turn anyone away because of cost. If you need hearing aids to help with your hearing loss, we want to find a solution that works for you and your budget. We're here to help. That's also why we make sure to give you choices. We believe you should be involved in making decisions about your own hearing health, so we offer several possibilities for you to choose from.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

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How do we decide what hearing aids are right for you? Our recommendations are always personalized to your needs. We base our suggestions on the conversations that we have with you because it's important that we understand what you need and what you're looking for.

For some people, budget is the biggest consideration. Other people want to hear the best they can, regardless of price. There are high-quality hearing aid options on both sides, and we work hard to find the best possibilities at all price points.

Budget isn't the only thing we keep in mind when we consider hearing aids for you. We also look at:

  1. Your hearing loss. For example, if you have profound hearing loss, your best option will be different than for someone with mild hearing loss.
  2. Your listening environment. Depending on where you spend your time, background noise may or may not be a big problem for you. If you're often in loud, crowded environments, then background noise filtering might be important for you, whereas someone who mostly stays at home won't need it as much.
  3. How comfortable you are with technology. Do you want to be able to use Bluetooth connectivity to your TV or your mobile phone? Would rechargeable hearing aids make your life easier?
  4. Your personal preferences. All hearing aids today are reasonably small and discreet, but some patients have a strong aesthetic preference. We respect your wants as well as your needs.

Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Your Way is an independent practice, which means we can work with any hearing aid manufacturers we choose. We aren't brand-loyal; we make all our choices based on what we think would be best for our patient. All the hearing aids we carry are high-quality, reliable devices that have proven themselves over the years. We consistently fit patients with Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Widex, and Phonak hearing aids because of their high-quality.

EarQ at Hearing Your Way Oticon at Hearing Your Way Resound at Hearing Your Way Signia  at Hearing Your Way Widex at Hearing Your Way Phonak at Hearing Your Way

Hearing Aid Styles

One thing people who get hearing aids tend to have in common is that they want small, discreet hearing devices. The good news is that virtually all hearing aids today fit this requirement! You're no longer limited to custom-fit hearing aids inside your ear if you're looking for nearly-invisible hearing aids. While those are still available if you prefer, we find that the majority of our patients choose receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids. These "open-fit" hearing aids are comfortable, versatile, and tend to have the best sound quality for mild to moderate hearing loss.

IIC Hearing aid at Hearing Your Way CIC hearing aid at Hearing Your Way ITC hearing aid at Hearing Your Way ITE hearing aid at Hearing Your Way RIC Hearing aid at Hearing Your Way BTE hearing aid at Hearing Your Way

We offer invisible-in-the-canal, completly-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear styles. The different hearing aid styles are all roughly the same price. What changes the cost of hearing aids is not their physical appearance; it's the level of technology inside.

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